Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Meat Hand Halloween

Thanks MadMax for this beaut.

Babby on a Bacon Unicorn!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Here is what I suggest you drink your morning coffee in, then eat after.

Picture 135

Be sure to put the milk back in the fridge after. (DO IT WITH REAL BACON)

Then, get ready for work in your bacon suit.

Admire some art on your way out the door…

And be sure not to hit your Bac-o-lantern on the way to your car!

Crap, forgot the bacon briefcase.


And wallet!

Thanks to MadMax & This website for this find.

Don Hertzfeldt

HA!  This guy makes some sweet films and this one has multiple food items so it works here at Crosschips.  Enjoy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Booooooooooo play better teams better!

FACT: You play a terrible team one week, 3 out of 4 times you will lose the next game you play.  Why so?  Ever heard of the 2008 LOLions?  Yeah, of course you have.  They hold the best losing record in the NFL.  0-16. Can’t beat it. EVER.  Anyways.  10 of the teams that beat them last year, lost their next game.  Why do I care?  I don’t really, but I thought it was interesting considering MICH smokes Delaware State, a piss poor team (Like the LIONS) and got kilt by Penn State in their next game.  Want proof? EAT THIS SHIT.

LOLions 2008

So it’s pretty simple to figure it out above.  The Falcons beat the Lions on 9/7 then lost to Tampa Bay the next week and so on and so forth.  This is a scientific fact.  Just try and disprove it.  TRY IT!  I’m glad the Lions don’t play today.  That’s all I got.

Friday, October 23, 2009



Location: MICH stadium
Time: 3:30 PM
Line: Penn St. -4.5  (O/U 48)
Beers O/U: 12.5

So this Saturday, MICH plays Penn State.  A game that we have been looking forward to since back to back losses to Big Ten opponents, M$U and Iow-CAW! Penn State is favored by 4.5 and my beer consumption over/under is 12.5 which is normal for a 3 :30 kick. 

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy, so this may be punt fest 2009 but hopefully not.  Penn State has been over-rated since Joe-Pa started wearing adult diapers and they have played some seriously weak competition.  Their only loss came at home by 10 points to IOWA who MICH almost beat IN Iowa. 

MIIIIIICH on the other hand has their starting center (Molk, who is a sophomore, right?) back as well as a healthy Tate Jonathan Forcier, Brandon Jonathan Minor and Carlos Jonathan Brown.  Look for MICH to focus on the running game and put the Knitting LOLions away in a tight grudge match.

MICH 27 – Penn State 23

Jo Pa bathroom copy



IMG00212 This is 2 lbs of ribs that marinated in Sweet Babby Rays BBQ sauce overnight.  For a Crosschipper, 2 = NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  So, on the side I had 6 beers and a bag of kettle cooked CHIPS!  It was a delectable meal to say the least.  I suggest you give it a try. 

What I learned is saving the marinade to use during the grilling period.  For every flip, the meat takes a dip.  Simple as that.  Also boil up the ribs for about 5 minutes before putting them in the marinade, but you all knew that.

Saturdays Crosschips: Have yourself a big full plate of RIBS!



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ike’s BABBY!

Just got back from Ike’s, a gorgeous Lebanese restaurant in Sterling Heights, MI.  This place is packed full of all sorts of food.  They have 22 fucking freshly squeezed juices!  One is called the “Anti-Virus”, yeah!  Which is a combination of Apple & Orange!  WOOO!

image So, what I got for dinner tonight was the Chicken Shawarma.  It doesn’t just come with the Shawarma my friends.  It starts off like this. (Dinner Menu)

BREAD, shit tons of bread and you must get the Hummus with it in order to RULE!
Soup?  Yeah you get some soup.  I had beef barley and it was bad ass.
Salad, all sorts to choose from and Lebanese salad is some of the best. Go with the Fattoush Salad.  The Tabbouleh is good but a little different. 
MAIN COURSE BITCH!  Shawarma!  Chicken, Hummus, Rice, Garlic Dip and veggies. 
Don’t forget your BREW DOGGS!!!

Anyway.  Make yourself some Shawarma’s for today’s Crosschips.  Use at least 5 full Pita’s!  YOU KNOW IT!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gambling Crosschips!

CrosschipsBT: “Crosschips like to gamble with SPORTS and also HEART FAILURE.”

MICH plays a D2 school today, the Delaware State “BZZZ BZZZ” Hornets.  Should be an easy “W”.  Anyways, I need to head to Ann Arbor.  Here are my gambling picks for the day.  For much more detailed info go to  The link is on the right.  MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICH!

CMichigan 10/17/09(15:30 ET) CMichigan 10/17/09(15:30 ET)
WMichigan CMichigan -6.5 WMichigan CMichigan -6.5 (-105)
Iowa 10/17/09(12:05 ET) Illinois 10/17/09(19:00 ET)
Wisconsin Under 47.5 Indiana Indiana +3 (-105)
MinnesotaU 10/17/09(15:35 ET) MinnesotaU 10/17/09(15:35 ET)
PennSt MinnesotaU +17.5 PennSt MinnesotaU +17.5 (-105)
OhioSt 10/17/09(12:05 ET) Missouri 10/17/09(21:20 ET)
Purdue Over 45 OklahomaSt Over 55
TexasTech 10/17/09(15:35 ET) Northwestern 10/17/09(12:05 ET)
Nebraska TexasTech +10.5 MichiganSt Under 51.5
OhioSt 10/17/09(12:05 ET)
Purdue OhioSt -14 (-105)
Oklahoma(N) 10/17/09(12:05 ET)
Texas(N) Over 53.5
SCarolina 10/17/09(19:50 ET)
Alabama SCarolina +18 (-105)
USC 10/17/09(15:35 ET)
NotreDame NotreDame +10 (-105)
VirginiaTech 10/17/09(18:05 ET)
GaTech VirginiaTech -3 (-105)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here are some edible hot dogs and some NOT DOGS!!!!!  LEARN THE DIFFERENCE!










I am done.

Today’s CROSSCHIPS: HAVE SOME HOTDOGS Y’ALL!  Take 1 hour.  Eat as many hot dogs as you can in one hour.  NO PET DOGS!  This is AMURICA!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Man Vs. Food = Munchies 4:20 Cafe

Saw me a little bit of Man vs. Food tonight where he went to a place called Munchies 4:20 CafĂ©, in Sarasota, FL.  This place is open 4:20pm to 4:20am.  I wonder who their target market is?

Anyways, it is recognized for its stuffed "fat sandwiches" including the "Fat Sandy" (which consists of hamburgers topped with cheese, chicken fingers, Mozzarella sticks, onion rings, French fries, and macaroni and cheese) and their biggest sandwich, the "Super Fat Daddy" (which has 6 burgers topped with cheese, French fries, Mozzarella sticks, Philly steak, mushrooms, onions and peppers, all smothered in a Cheddar cheese sauce).

The main concept with this restaurant is to take bar food and add all sorts of cut up friend shit to it.  Like burgers?  Add some cut up chicken tenders, french fries and mac & cheese!  How about a hot dog?  Throw cut onion rings on it with 13 slices of cheese and a pound of chili!  Fish sandwich?  Use 5 fillets, fried potato skins a cup of tartar sauce and add mozzarella sticks!

So what do we have to say about this innovated way of eating?  HELL YES!!!  This place is 100% Crosschips approved!  Also, the show Man vs. Food is approved as well! 

Crosschips for the day: Make one of the FAT SANDWICHES from Munchies and eat it for your best time.  They can be found on the website linked above. 

CrosschipsBT: “In my e-pinion, sandwiches not only FAT and GOODT but also make me feel GOODT and also FAT.”

Monday, October 12, 2009


MICH is now 4 – 2 after losing at M$U and Iowa the past 2 weekends and the season is halfway over.  Both games were thrilling, down to the wire, grit packed performances where they ended up losing by a combined 8 points (one game in OT).  Winning both games would have been great, splitting the two would have been fantastic, but to bring both games down to the wire is worth more than 2 dull wins or losses under a tremendous coach by the name of Lloyd Jonathan Carr. 

Finishing with a 8-4 record is very possible and it would be a great turn around for this program.  Any more than 7 wins would be far beyond my expectations for this year.  This team is competitive, passionate and a fun as hell to watch and I’m excited to see them dominate the next six Saturdays.

This team get’s me so pumped up in fact that I am beginning to see Crosschips during the games!  check it out:

QB force turkeyb minor pie Gerg ice cream


Saturday, October 10, 2009


Here are my picks for the day.  Not a lot of money put down but hopefully 1 will hit to get me back on top.  For more info on picks, visit Just Cover Blog or

Alabama 10/10/09(15:35 ET) Auburn 10/10/09(12:05 ET) Florida 10/10/09(20:05 ET)
Mississippi Alabama -4.5 Arkansas Auburn -2.5 LSU LSU +8
EMichigan 10/10/09(12:00 ET) EMichigan 10/10/09(12:00 ET) NewMexico 10/10/09(14:00 ET)
CMichigan Over 54.5 CMichigan Over 54 Wyoming Under 45.5
Florida 10/10/09(20:05 ET) MiamiOhio 10/10/09(12:00 ET) TCU 10/10/09(19:30 ET)
LSU LSU +7.5 Northwestern MiamiOhio +17.5 AirForce AirForce +10.5
MichiganSt 10/10/09(12:00 ET) MichiganSt 10/10/09(12:00 ET) WVirginia 10/10/09(12:00 ET)
Illinois Over 54 Illinois Over 55 Syracuse WVirginia -10
Michigan 10/10/09(20:05 ET) Purdue 10/10/09(12:05 ET)
Iowa Michigan +8 MinnesotaU Over 51.5
Nebraska 10/08/09(21:05 ET)
Missouri Under 50 (WIN)
Purdue 10/10/09(12:05 ET)
MinnesotaU MinnesotaU -3
Wisconsin 10/10/09(15:35 ET)
OhioSt Wisconsin +16        

LET’S GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

In honor of Ed.

This is for Ed, of Ed Debevic’s in Chicago (I think), who wrote in a question regarding my inability to post a new Crosschips more often then not.  For Ed, we will take a few of his many menu items and enjoy them for our Crosschips meal. 

A few of my favorites:  MENU HERE:

Kitchen Sink Nachos - (I actually enjoyed this one back in circa 2003.  It was about 5 lbs of Nacho CHIIIIIIPS!)

BBQ Ribs – half slab of BBQ ribs, you may want to double up on this one. 1 = NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Route 66 Burger – Jack cheese, bacon & GUAC served on sourdough bread. Ask for or add triple bacon.

Drink: Double Chocolate Malt - “Double the Chocolate!” – HELL YEAH.

Pick 1 app, 2 main courses and a drink for your CROSSCHIPS.  It is a must to have French Fries with this Crosschips, if you don’t you FAIL!

CrosschipsBT: “I enjoy the foot long hot dog. LOTS OF MEAT.”

Also: Be sure to jump up on the table and insult everyone around you.  K thanks, bye.

Mailbag: I don’t know what to eat anymore. Where have you been?


I enjoy your e-blog very much, but you haven not posted much lately.  I have been through all your old post and ran out of Crosschips options.  I don’t know what to eat anymore.  Where have you been?  Did you die?

- Ed Debevic


Hello Ed,

Excellent question and NO I did not die.  I’m a professional Crosschipper buddy, get that straight.  I may have the most unhealthy diet known to man but I do have an excellent team of doctors and other trained Crosschippers at my side to get me through the day.  Also, aren’t you a restaurant, Ed Debevic?  Let me help you out for the day with a new CROSSCHIPS!  (posted above).

Friday, October 2, 2009

Crucial Sports Weekend

Two of Crosschips favorite sporting squadrons have some crucial games ahead of them this weekend.  The Detroit Tigers are a couple of wins away from getting back to the playoffs and the Michigan Wolverines are in East Lansing to take on their rival, M$U.  If the Tigers get the job done as well as MICH, I will need to change my jorts but let’s not get hasty.

Michigan is 4-0 right now, something that no rational MICH fan really expected. M$U was predicted to finish in the top 3 of the Big Ten this year and are currently 1-3. The fact that the tables have turned back to what we are all used to so quickly is a “W” in itself. A Michigan win this weekend would be icing on the cake and a loss, as much as it would suck, isn’t that big of a deal. It’s Michigan’s 1st road game, their starting QB is probably still injured and the Defense is very unstable.

Is a win possible for MICH? Hell yeah it is. MICH has won 30 of the last 40 games against M$U and haven’t lost 2 straight since 1967. MICH is only a 3.5 point dog in this and there is a 60% chance of rain tomorrow afternoon. Why is rain good? Because M$U is a passing team, averaging 320 ypg. If it’s raining, they are limited in their pass attack and will have to rely on their rushing game which averages only 117 ypg. If it does rain, MICH averages 243 ypg on the ground already so expect that to give them a strong advantage.

Now, because both teams have terrible defense, giving up over 350 yards of offense each, you would expect this to be a barn burner, but the weather will keep the score Under the predicted 56 point total. The fact that Michigan is a far more explosive running team will give them the edge.

MICH 35 – M$U 17


Central MICH -8 @ Buffalo: CHIPS -8

MICH +3.5 @ M$U: MICH +3.5

Nortwestern @ Purdue: OVER 57

Penn State -7 @ Illinois: Penn State -7

Wyoming @ FL Atl -3.5: FL Atlantic -3.5

Find more here:


The Detroit Tigers are 2 wins up on the Minnesota Twins.  A Tigers win and a twins lost tonight would seal the deal for them to play the YANKS in the 1st round of the ALDS.  LET’S GET IT DONE TIGERS!!!!!!  DOOOOOOOIN’ IT!!!

CROSSCHIPS FOR THE DAY: Eat 1 food item for every score that Any Team puts up that you happen to be watching this Saturday.  1 TD = 1 burger, 1 field goal = a bowl of cereal.  A GRAND SLAM by Miggy = 4 Beers (4 runs) etc…