Wednesday, June 16, 2010



MOAR CHIPS!!!!!!!!

The above chart is an actual factual representation of the average amount of CHIPS you receive per bag purchase.  Never settle for a bag of CHIPS packed full of air and a few CHIPS.  This disgusting sceme has been going on for years.  Mostly with kettle cooked chips, which are delish, and it’s NOT COOL.  I suggest bringing a mathematician with you to the grocery store while buying chips to find the highest quantity of chips per bag for the best price.  SIMPLE TO DO ON YOUR OWN?  You try figuring out fractions on your own.  Who do I look like…….. SOME GUY WHO CAN FIGURE OUT FRACTIONS?  Fock you and get yourself a bag of air.  The rest of us Crosschippers will scarf down stuffed bags of CHIPPY goodtness.